What makes MME different from other workshop providers?

As a Educational Corporation our service is personal financial education only. These days every banker, stockbroker, insurance agent, and financial planner has some sort of canned “workshop” presentation touting the wonders of their products and services. These can end up being not much more than glorified sales pitches. Our Instructors utilize a hands-on workbook approach, completed by the participants, with extensive attendee interaction and participation, and no mention of specific products or companies.

What is a Money Management Workshop?

Our sixty minute sessions are designed to provide a good, basic understanding of various financial topics, as well as give practical, current advice for effective personal financial management.

Who are your workshops designed for?

Our workshops cover a broad range of ideas for a broad range of people. Everyone from the line worker to the CEO will receive valuable information to use for his or her personal financial management. We can even arrange separate sessions divided by employee class to address more specific concerns.

Will attendees be subjected to a sales pitch?

Never! One of the primary advantages of utilizing an education-only corporation is eliminating the risk of a sales pitch. Our sessions are strictly educational and practical with no specific products or companies being mentioned, recommended, or endorsed.

With your “Give First” program what’s in it for you?

Because MME is an organization supported primarily through dues paid by our nationwide network of volunteer instructors we are able to provide our workshops and Personal Education Sessions at no cost. Our instructors do an excellent job of providing our non-biased educational programs. As a result a consistent percentage of attendees, over time, will enlist the services of the presenter when in need of a financial services professional.

Tell me about your instructors.

Our senior instructors and presenters are leaders in their fields and have been carefully selected from the most reputable financial institutions, law offices and accounting firms in the country. MME instructors must possess extensive financial knowledge as well as good communication and people skills.

Our 401(k) provider does seminars for us already.

This is true of virtually every company that uses our services. 401(k) provider seminars are informative and necessary, but usually limited by design to focus on the 401(k) plan. MME workshops, on the other hand, help attendees to orchestrate their complete personal money management while learning how their 401(k) and other company-sponsored plans fit into the overall landscape.

How can I observe one of your workshops?

We recommend that you gather a few of your decision makers and we will gladly schedule a “pilot workshop” for you and your key people to evaluate. (You may want to invite a few key employees for their input as well.) It may also be possible to attend a session as our guest at a company in your area. For logistical reasons this is done on a limited basis, and only with the host company’s approval. Ask your MME instructor for more details.

How do your workshops affect 401(k) contributions?

Interest in all company-sponsored plans tends to increase after our workshops. This is most likely because employees hear from us, a disinterested third party, that the company programs are valuable, rather than hearing it from the employer or 401(k) provider whom they would expect to endorse their own plans.

How do your personal education sessions work?

MME’s personal education session is what sets us apart from other workshop providers. Each attendee is entitled to a one-hour, no-cost, personal education session with one of our volunteer instructors. Like our workshops, these sessions are educational only with no specific recommendations for specific financial products.

How do attendees follow-up with you if they want to?

Subsequent to the personal education session employees in need of specific financial services, products, or recommendations may request them from the instructor in the context of his or her professional financial services practice.

Is MME affiliated with a financial institution?

No. MME is an education-only corporation supported entirely by our volunteer instructors. (Our instructors are full-time financial services professionals, as well as attorneys and CPAs, and as such, are affiliated with licensed Broker Dealers, law firms or CPA firms.)

How do I find out more?

Simply click the Our Team option on the above menu for the office nearest you. One of our instructors will be happy to meet with you. He or she can answer your questions, demonstrate our process, and work with you to design an education program tailored to your company’s specific needs and budget. If you are not near an existing MME office and want to find out more about MME, please contact our corporate headquarters.