Hewlett Packard
…for more than five years HP employees continue to give positive feedback…
   – Bill Duggin, California Region Credit Union, Operations Manager

Adobe Systems Inc.
Your services help advance Adobe’s commitment to helping our employees move closer totheir financial goals.
   – Helen K. Hauge, Sr. Manager Global Equity Compensation

National Semiconductor
…judging by our employee’s enthusiastic responses, your seminar was very well received.
   – Nicole Valenti, VP Credit Union Marketing/Development

Johnson Controls
The feedback that we regularly receive from employees is extremely positive…
   – Susan L. Richman, Director of Compensation

California Chamber of Commerce
I would highly recommend these seminars … especially to help fulfill ERISA requirements.
   – William P. Dunphy, Chief Financial Officer

We have had nothing but praise from our folks who have attended and comments about how much they wished someone had presented this information to them years ago.
   – Gary Jackson & Don Larson, Executive Directors of IAM/Boeing Joint Programs

Excerpts from letters received by HR professionals represent their personal experiences only and do not constitute official endorsements of Money Management Educators by the companies referenced.